How to Get from Caldwell, Idaho to Boise, Idaho

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Boise, Idaho

There’s a lot of fun stuff to do in Boise, but how do you get from Caldwell, Idaho to Boise, Idaho – and back again? The team at Dennis Dillon Kia is here to help! We’re your Boise Kia dealer with a full stock of new and pre-owned cars for sale, as well as this helpful list of routes and modes of transportation to get you to and from Boise and Caldwell.

Caldwell, Idaho to Boise, Idaho

Caldwell is about 28 miles from Boise, and there are a number of different ways for you to get there, including:

  • Car – It’s about a 30-minute drive from Caldwell to Boise. Take I-84 East for about 25 minutes and then continue on US-26 East/Highway 20 East before arriving at S. Capitol Boulevard in Boise.
  • Bike – It’s about a 2.5-hour bike ride from Caldwell to Boise via US-26 East/Highway 20 East or Ustick Road.
  • Bus – Several different bus routes take you to Boise from Caldwell throughout the day, including the R42, the R40, and the R41. Each route takes around one hour to get to Boise.
  • Walking – If you don’t have anything else going on, you can take the 8.5-hour walk from Caldwell to Boise, most of which is spent on Ustick Road.

Boise, Idaho to Caldwell, Idaho

Whether you’re driving one of our on-special new vehicles or another mode of transportation, we’ve got the directions to get you back from Boise to Caldwell:

  • Car – It’s about 30 minutes back to Caldwell from Boise by car via I-84 West.
  • Bike – Make your way back from Boise to Caldwell by bike in about 2.5 hours via US-26 West/Highway 20 West or Ustick Road.
  • Bus – Take the R42 or R43 to get back to Caldwell from Boise in 1-2 hours, depending on the route you choose.
  • Walking – It’s another 8.5 hours back to Caldwell from Boise, so you won’t want to do a roundtrip walk in a day. It runs about 26 miles via Ustick Road.

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